School Aged Swim Classes

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Weymouth Aquatics Values Every Swimmer

We look forward to watching everyone’s swimming skills, confidence in the water and enjoyment of the sport develop and grow. Swim lessons open the door to a lifetime of enjoyment and safety in and around the water. Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to bringing Fun, Informative, Safe, and Healthy swim lessons each week. Each instructor has undergone extensive training specific to teaching in our swim school. Moreover our 4:1 ratio will ensure adequate attention to each and every participant. Nothing brings us more joy and excitement than seeing our student progress & succeed. The Weymouth Club is unique from any other swim school because we are a full service health club. “From Ripples to Waves” is a saying that you will hear time and again. The WAVES swim school is only a starting point. After graduation, the transition onto the Weymouth WAVES Competition Team can be a seamless continuation of your journey.

Our pool is shiver free at 90 degrees!

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School Age Swim Level Descriptions 

Level Age Prerequisite Goals
Level 1 Rollers 5+ years Level evaluation by swim instructor Comfort in the water (Buoyancy and Balance), Walk and feel balance on step or platform, Kicking skills, Monkey walk, Sit down jumps with assistance, Introduction to Back floating, Submersion and Breath holding, Floating on stomach
Level 2 Surge 5+ years Completion of Level 1 goals Paddle arms when toddler is moving independently, Swim 5 feet comfortably and independently, Sit down jump, Retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool
Level 3 White Caps 5 years & up Completion of Level 2 Goals *Must be able to roll over for a breath independently Independent back floating, Rollover breathing, Introduction to streamline glide, Swim 10 feet independently with rollovers to rest, Elementary Backstroke arms & kicks, Backstroke kicks with board, Backstroke, Introduction to Breaststroke & Dolphin Kick, Introduction to Big Arms, Jump in come back to side, Jump in come up on back, Introduction to treading water, Sit dives
Level 4 Breakers 5 years & up Completion of Level 3 Goals Freestyle breathing to one side, Perfect Elementary Backstroke, Streamline with kicks, Bobbing skills, Swim 25 feet, Perfect Backstroke, Breaststroke & Dolphin kicks, Introduction to Breaststroke arms, intermediate treading water, Knee dives
Level 5 Rogue Wave 5 years & up Completion of Level 4 Goals Introduction to fundamental Breaststroke & Butterfly, Introduction to Backstroke Drills, Freestyle with alternate side breathing for 40 feet, 5 minute continuous swim, Advanced treading water, Standing dives
Level 6 Tidal Wave 5 years & up Completion of Level 5 Goals Full stroke Breaststroke with proper breathing, Butterfly with breathing, Introduction to Individual Medley, Emphasis on increasing distance, 10 minute continuous swim, Tread water for 2 minutes without hands, Block diving. 


 Lesson schedule and registration below

*Swim evaluations must be completed prior to registration. Students registered incorrectly will be reassigned. Reassigned students cannot be guareenteed original dates and times.

Jr. Varsity and Varsity Waves teams (6+ years) practice sessions held Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 4p and Saturday at 9a