Weymouth Club

Baystate Tennis Conference (BTC)

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Website:  www.mita-tennis.com

BTC - Teams                

Weymouth Club Membership Required to Play League Team Tennis

Practices:   Weekly, Seasonal Commitment Required
Matches:   Weekly, Seasonal Commitment Required

NOTE:  This is a competitive league.  We are a private member club committed to providing all of our members with a fair and exceptional team experience. 

Teams will be selected based on what's best for the Weymouth Club Team Tennis program as a whole.  The Coaches and Directors will roster players at appropriate levels for in-level competitive match play.  Team assignments will be based on ability, prior team experience, individual player level, match history, individual success within level, NTRP Rating and past commitment to the BTC team program including practices & matches.

Priority will be given to Returning Players, Permanent Subs, Subs, Weymouth Club Members and Non-members (who will need to become members) in that order. 

 League players are responsible for last-minute cancellations, late defaults and no shows.  Players are required to pay the full court fee.
 All League participants are required to have a current credit card on file.
 Payment in full is due prior to a practice or match.
 Program schedules and pricing are subject to change if the minimum participation levels are not met. 

For additional Information please contact Julie McKinney at 617.827.5191 or jmckinney@weymouthclub.com