Weymouth Club

Dartfish Video Analysis

Have your tennis match or practice videotaped and analyzed!

Stroke Analysis 1, $65
30 minute session with Dartfish expert
Strokes analyzed (3 of each): 
Groundstrokes (Forehand & Backhand), Serve, Overhead and
Volley (Forehand & Backhand)
Receive video email with feedback  within 48 hours

Stroke Analysis 2, Pro—Rate plus $30
60 minute session with Pro and Dartfish expert
Up to six strokes analyzed
Instant feedback on court

College Bound?  Get the College Recruitment Video, $200
90 minute session with Pro and Dartfish expert
Includes personal statement
Strokes analyzed: 
Groundstrokes (Forehand & Backhand), Serve, Overhead ,Volley (Forehand & Backhand), Match Play
Receive DVD with feedback within 72 hours

Match Tagging, $150
Find out the stats of your match
Up to 90 minutes of match play