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Weymouth Waves

Groups for All Ages & Abilities
The waves swim team offers a year round developmental age group, junior, and senior program. We offer professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages of swimmers and abilities. The waves compete in U.S. Swimming as part of the New England LSC. We have six different groups for every type of swimmer:
  • Age Group I
  • Age Group II
  • Junior 
  • Senior 

You do not need to start with the Waves as the most accomplished swimmer. And if you are looking to perfect your technical skills before becoming a part of the Waves you may join our beginner program, the Ripples.

The swimmers on the Waves vary in ages from 7-18. The Waves goal is to help everyone reach his or her highest level of success. We encourage everyone to perform at his or her utmost ability.

On the Waves we strive to provide all or our athletes with the proper instruction of technique, training, and guidance. By fulfilling those objectives we hope that this will help the swimmer to develop the skills necessary to reach his or her physical, psychological, emotional and social potential. It is important that the Waves not only succeed in the pool but in the classroom as well. Our ultimate goal is to get the swimmer into their college of choice and to compete at the collegiate level. During the summers we welcome back any of our alumni to train with the team. Keeping close relationships with our alumni is very important to the Waves.

The Waves operate under the ideals of integrity, respect, and caring in our relationships.

Our Philosophy:
Our philosophy is to help swimmers attain a high level of athletic performance. We believe that by providing an environment that focuses on the physical, technical and mental skills necessary for athletic and personal success, swimmers will reach their goals and beyond.

For more information on the Weymouth Waves swim team visit our website or contact Sean Marshall at 781-682-5820 or smarshall@weymouthclub.com.