Dance Class Policies & Tuition

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The following guidelines and policies are implemented to ensure a smooth season with Dance with Energy.  PLEASE READ EACH ONE CAREFULLY to understand what is expected from you and your dancer.  We are      excited about the dance season this year and look forward to working with you and your dancer!

Dance Classes- Please arrive 5 mins before class so your dancer can use the restroom and put on the appropriate shoes and attire. Please see Dress Code section below for required attire. Any late arrivals are asked to quietly enter the studio with appropriate shoes ALREADY ON and join the class.  Dancers must be picked up promptly after class is dismissed.  No students are allowed in the dance studio without a teacher. Please use the hallway areas to wait before your dancer’s class begins.


Attendance- Good attendance is imperative, as absences can hold back the entire class.  If your dancer must miss a class, please call or email the Director prior to the beginning of class.  There are no refunds given for missed classes. If a student misses more than four classes from January through June, it is at the discretion of the teacher and director to    decide if that student is allowed to participate in the annual recital. 


Tuition/Discounts- Tuition fees are due on the 1st of each month. Tuition fees are for the entire season (10 months) and do not vary for longer or shorter months or for absences or cancellations. There will be a $10.00 late charge for any tuition payments received after the 10th of the month.  The Weymouth Club requires an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form for each dance student.  Tuition will be automatically deducted from a designated account on the 1st of every month.  EFT deductions are mandatory unless an exception has been granted by the Director of Dance with Energy. Only one credit/ card/ checking account can be put on file for monthly payments. The same card on file for Membership dues must be used for Dance tuition. Tuition is based on the number of hours per week a dancer takes class. There is a discount built in for dancers who take multiple classes, but no additional discount will be granted.  Dance with Energy offers a 10%        discount for siblings. The discount is given to 2nd child. See schedule for tuition rates.


Energy Center Drop off or Pick Up for Studio 2 Classes-

Dancers may be taken up/down to/from studio 2 & the Energy Center under the following conditions:


They arrive at least 10 minutes before class, otherwise the parent is responsible for escorting the dancer upstairs

Parents MUST speak with Elizabeth by 8am for morning classes or 2pm for afternoon class to arrange to have their child being taken up to or brought down from class.  Please let Elizabeth know if this will be a regular occurrence.

If dancers are being taken up, parents are asked to help their dancer into their dance shoes & out of their cover up clothes.  Please make sure their street shoes & cover ups are in their dance bag for after class.

If dancer is going to be in the Energy Center for play time before or after a class he/she must have a reservation & be         properly signed in with the Energy Center desk.  This is in addition to communicating w/ Dance Director.


Classroom Behavior- Proper dance etiquette will be fully explained to all students and parents at the beginning of the dance season so expected class behavior is understood.  General courteous, non-disrupted behavior is expected at all times in all dance classes.  Students are expected to follow the rules of the studio and the teacher.  If a student becomes disruptive, he/she may be asked to sit out of an exercise, the rest of the class, or may be asked to leave.  Our teachers will give fair, age appropriate warnings to the students, and parents will be made aware of any problems immediately.  Please, NO CELL PHONES, FOOD, DRINK or GUM allowed in the dance studios.


Parent Observation- Parents may view their dancer’s class on the TV located in the café.  We ask that observance through the door in the hallways be kept to a minimum.  This is a distraction to the dancers and can also crowd the       hallway.  There will be a parent watch day the last class before the December Vacation.



Social Media– It is the policy of Dance with Energy & Weymouth Club that the use of the Dance with Energy or Weymouth Club logo & unauthorized photos is strictly prohibited. All logos may only be used by authorized persons per Director of Dance. It is expected that all social media pages that use the name Dance with Energy & Weymouth Club should uphold the reputation in a reputable manner.

 Student Placement- Students are placed in appropriate classes according to age, experience, and skill level.  Students may be moved up or down a level, at the discretion of the teacher and/or the director, through the month of September to ensure proper placement.


Dress Code- Dance with Energy follows a strict dress code for all classes and ages.  Hair must always be neatly pulled back in a bun or pony tail.  Students will be asked to leave and go change if not in the appropriate uniform or if hair is not up.  Please refer to our dress code & online store information attached.


General Cancellations - If you no longer wish for your dancer to participate in Dance with Energy, we require a 30 day written notice.


Snow Cancellations- Please call the Energy Center Weather Hotline, (781)337-5833 for cancellations due to weather.  We do not always cancel classes when the schools do.  If classes are cancelled once, dancers may attend another same-level class that week or the following week to make-up the first cancelled classes. If classes are cancelled more than once, make-up classes will be posted as necessary.


Vacation Closings- Dance with Energy generally follows the Weymouth public school vacation schedule.  We do not always close for minor holidays.  Vacation Closings are listed below and will also be in our monthly newsletters and on our website.

Thanksgiving Vacation- Wednesday, November 22nd – Sunday, November 26th

December Vacation– Saturday, December 23rd—Monday, January 1st classes resume Tuesday, January 2nd)

February Vacation- Monday, February 19th – Sunday, February 25th (classes resume Feb. 26th)

April Vacation- Monday, April 16th – Sunday, April 22nd  (classes resume April 23rd)

Memorial Day– Monday, May 28th

In the News- Please make sure you read our monthly newsletter and check out the updates on our bulletin board located outside of Dance Studio 1. Your dancer will be given a newsletter at the end of the first class every month. Please plan to be there for the last 5 minutes of the first class of every month to receive the newsletter. It will also be emailed and posted on our website. Important information about our classes will be included such as dates to save, upcoming events, and other goodies!  The newsletter is intended to keep all parents informed and is the Director’s and teachers’ way of communicating with our families.  Please take the time to read it with your dancer each month.


Recital/Costumes- Dance with Energy holds a spring recital performance at the end of the season!  Parents get to sit back and “enjoy the show” while the dancers perform and show off what they have learned throughout the year.  Our recital will teach our dancers about backstage theatre etiquette, stage blocking, basic theatre terminology, and the joy of live performance.   While participation in our recital is optional, it is highly recommended to truly get the most out of our       program.  We will hold 3-4 recitals on a Saturday/ Sunday: morning, afternoon or evening.  Dress rehearsals will be held the Thursday and Friday evenings before the recital.  We will do our best to keep siblings in the same recital and dancers in multiple classes, but there may be some circumstances where this is not possible. Siblings & dancers in multiple classes may have to perform in separate recitals.  You will be contacted in early February if this is the case. Recital location, times, and date will be announced as soon as the rental contract is secured. Our recital fee goes directly to making our recital performance spectacular.  It will help with the costs of theatre rental, scenery, props, backdrop, and backstage technicians. 



The following is a list of requirements and things to know about Costumes, Dress Rehearsal, and Recital:

· Once posted, please reserve the Dress Rehearsal & Recital dates on your family calendar.

· Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY and takes place on the Thursday or Friday before Recital

· Recital Fee: $25.00 per child, due January 2nd, 2018

· Costume Fee: $75.00 per recreational class costume; $85.00 per Company class costume (competition dances only); (does not include tights or shoes---these can be purchased through Dance with Energy or Curtain Call For Class) due January 2nd, 2018

· Costume fees and Recital fees must be paid in full in order for your dancer to participate in the recital.

· NO videotaping or flash photography of any kind is allowed at the recital (this includes iphones, tablets, etc.).

· There will be a MANDATORY picture day for group and individual pictures during your dancer’s regular class time.  This will be held the beginning of May.

· Some classes may be chosen to participate in more than one recital.

· Tickets will be sold online only or in person at  Dress Rehearsals & Recital.

· If a student misses more than four classes from January through June, that student will participate in the recital at the discretion of the class teacher and the Director, Dance with Energy.