Tennis at the Weymouth club has been the best part of 2020. Team [Tennis] has improved my mental and physical health 1,000%! I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with my incredible coaches and wonderful teammates. I really appreciate how hard the tennis department and the club in general works to keep us as safe as possible.

“I am in a pack with Helen Long and have been working out in the tent all summer.  I am an older member with osteoporosis and arthritis.  The fact that Helen pays constant attention to my limitations and tailors my workouts to whatever I need keeps me healthy and motivated.  I feel much stronger since I started and my balance has improved so much that my fear of falling has been greatly reduced.  I think the Weymouth Club is doing an incredible job of keeping us safe and providing us with a variety of options to stay in shape.  Keep up the good work!”

“A big part of why I love group fitness is because of the atmosphere and energy that is created in the studio. I recognize that group classes might not be what they once were, but the fact that WC is reinventing their shared spaces to recreate that group class experience with special add-ons like sound systems, lighting, and all of the safety measures to bring our community together is what sets them apart.”

“My kids and I love coming to the gym. The energy center is so clean and welcoming for the kids – they always have fun! I love the heated classes and the outdoor space. I feel healthy and safe here!”

“We are thrilled to be back at Weymouth Club! My kids absolutely love being at the energy center playing with their friends safely while I get an amazing workout in my HIIT class with Amy Bright. We all feel completely safe and enjoy having some normalcy in our lives!”

“Our family has always been big supporters of Weymouth Club – you absolutely will not find a club as family-friendly as this one. The clients and the staff are and always have been like an extension of our own family. The club has everything you would ever want in a health club and more! The staff is absolutely the best and most knowledgeable staff there is. Steve and Sally Goldman have done an amazing job and you can see that in the way they take care of their people and property. Coming back after Covid is amazing! Don’t let the opportunity pass to get back to the club. They have no doubt taken all the precautions necessary! They have a huge variety of classes and now offer virtual as well. The classes I have been back to have been evenly spaced out and, most of all, have been spot on for fun and the best workouts ever with the most amazing teachers. Come back and see for yourself – you won’t be sorry!”

“I have been back to the Weymouth Club since it reopened. I have been working out with Amy my trainer and feel great! I’m getting stronger and losing weight. I feel safe at the club as they are taking extra precautions to keep people safe. We wear our masks, we work out and then we clean what we have used. I would not be there if I felt unsafe.”

“The Weymouth Club has created a space that is both safe and welcoming for its members.  The equipment is well spaced out and constantly being sprayed down and cleaned. The air filtration system and the abundance of cleaning supplies available makes me feel incredibly safe. I have been back at the club since the first week of reopening and am so thankful it is a a safe place to work out and bring back some normalcy to my life!”

“I am so happy to be back at the Weymouth Club since it reopened!  Between morning workouts and our 8 year old going to TFA Camp and Swim Team since the club reopened, Weymouth Club is our second home!  They have done such an amazing job spacing out all of the equipment and setting up new workout spaces under the tents outside so we can socially distance.  There are cleaning supplies everywhere you turn and they are always spraying and disinfecting the equipment.  We feel completely safe and are so happy to be able to get some movement back into our lives.”

“I’m so glad to be back – I feel safer here than many places I’ve been. Better than ever in terms of cleanliness and safety – although it was very clean and safe before! Everyone is as nice as they were before. Seniors should not worry about coming back. I’ve talked to many and it’s absolutely safe. I’m 91 and feel safe. No qualms about coming in at all!”

“My first day back to training was today. GREAT job with the Club. I felt safe. Everything is so clean and organized! You guys are the gold standard for other gyms to follow! Thank you!!! So great to be welcomed back so warmly by Jeff, Wes, Colby and Andrea!”

“This is my third time coming to the pool with my daughter. I feel really comfortable with the number of people and the openness of the space. Everyone is doing there part wearing masks, taking their temperatures, and keeping their distance.”

Thank you for the wonderful reopening of the Weymouth Club. I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable to come back to the gym , but I have been twice this week and I can tell a lot of planning went in to the reopening. I feel 100% comfortable at the Club and look forward to visiting again. Thank you for all of the efforts.

I want to thank you both for running camp this summer – and a phenomenal camp at that. I cannot tell you what TFA has done for the emotional and physical health of my kids. They have gone from sitting in chairs with iPads to swimming, playing tennis, running, jumping, laughing and crafting. Their moods and energy levels have shifted. Contact with other kids and your counselors has given them peace and a sense of “normal” during this difficult time.

I know it was daunting and very complex to launch camp this year, but you did it. And I want you to know that our family is so very grateful for your efforts. You are changing the lives of the kids that have the privilege of going to your camp this summer. I hope you feel great about that! You are AWESOME.

Adrienne G.

Weymouth Club is so inclusive, in so many ways, whether you are an obsessive athlete or someone just trying to stay healthy, there are classes and opportunities for everyone. You can bring your kids and they can have fun while you get some “me” time. Honestly, and this will sound ridiculous, but WC was my salvation. When my son was just 5 months old I was laid off from my job after 15 years with the company. We had just joined Weymouth club a few months before. We probably should have done the responsible thing and quit our membership, but we didn’t and it became our second home. My kids have grown up in the energy center. The staff has become like family. This place has helped me keep my sanity as a mother and given my kids socialization, fun, etc.

We love it here because we can all do something. The kids love to play to in the Energy Center and then after I have my exercise time we can have a snack in the cafe and, if we want, go swimming. It’s close to home, convenient and lots of options for all of us.

I have been a member since 1992. The club has always been an integral part of my life. When my wife passed away 6 years ago, I was having a very difficult time dealing with her loss (We were married for 56 years!). Coming to the club 5 to 6 days a week played a crucial role in bringing me back to a normal lifestyle. My routine at the club varies every 2 months but, I always include the treadmill and rowing. I especially like the Free Weights and the Keiser Machines.

What I like most about the club is that it is truly a comprehensive club that is always updated and puts its clients first. The locker rooms, showers, steam room, sauna, pools, training facilities, and the foyer are always SPARKLY clean. The staff is always so friendly and cordial and I have made many new friends.

I love it here because of the camaraderie, the availability of the equipment… it is a total gym. I also truly appreciate the sincere interest and concern shown to all members by the staff of the Weymouth Club. They truly put the members first.

I came to Weymouth Club through the 90-Day Commit-to-get Fit Program. Once I was in the door I got involved in the Men’s Ladder Tennis League as well as playing in the Men’s pickup basketball games on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Saturday’s. I lift everyday I’m not playing basketball. I’ve participated in a lot of introductory classes the club as to offer as well. (Pilates, Spinning, and The Mezz)

The best part of Weymouth Club is the community of people, the staff, and the variety of fitness activities to choose from. Everybody here is very nice. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful from top to bottom.

Weymouth Club has contributed to my overall health immensely. Getting sober is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I’ve ever had to do and Weymouth Club has played such a positive role in my recovery to stay healthy. From the variety of programs the club has to offer, to the friendliness of the members, to the support that the staff gives on a daily basis, Weymouth Club an all-around great atmosphere to be the best person you can be.

I primarily use the Weymouth Club’s Fitness Center as I do a lot of Adult Athlete training work, especially where I am an avid golfer and still play soccer regularly.  I’ve had the pleasure of working out in such programs as Boot Camp, Gauntlet, 90 Commit to Get Fit, Spin and more.  I also like to utilize the pools in the hopes of channeling the water polo player I was in college.

While the Weymouth Club is quite busy, I never find an issue in waiting for things (workout areas, machines, swimming lanes, etc) and the facility is always in immaculate shape. The Club takes cleanliness to the next level, and invests in top of the line equipment while also maintaining and updating it regularly.  And lastly there is just so much to do between all of the programming. Even having been a member for years, I’ve only just scratched the surface of what is available.

The Weymouth Club surrounds itself with a solid group of professionals.  Top down from the Goldmans to Jeff Linn and his entire team, the trainers and the rest of the supporting staff are all dedicated to making the Weymouth Club a healthy, safe and state of the art facility. As a Business Alliance Member, I have the luxury of bringing guests to the facility! The Business Alliance provides opportunity to meet with local professionals, who are all experts in their respective fields.

Not only has the Weymouth Club gotten me back into a gym routine regularly, I’ve also been able to get folks close to me focused on their health.  I put my father through 90 Day Commit to Get Fit as a Christmas present and he is down 50lbs and 8″ off his waist!

I have a platinum membership which includes my daughter Alexandra. I joined the Weymouth Club 22 years ago as a very young mom and my kids grew up in the Energy center and they learned how to swim by age 2! I left the club in 2012.  The kids got big and I changed my hours. I tried other things but always missed the club.

In December of 2017 I rejoined and again fell in love! My daughter ran the Boston Marathon and the club prepared her for a long stormy run that year. She participated in a fitness challenge which she came in 2nd place!

Being a Platinum member and having access to the Mind Body studio is fabulous! The Bardio and heated Barre classes are amazing. I love a challenge and it blows my mind every class!

Thank you for being so great to us! (Also kicking my butt!)

I was never very athletic and my parents never really promoted the benefits of workout out, so I got a late start with fitness. It wasn’t until after college that I began working out because thats when I started to gain weight. I did a lot of cardio, and that worked to keep weight off, but It wasn’t until I joined Weymouth Club that I started to get fit. The classes and instructors taught me how to work out better. I started seeing my body change and I became more toned and lean and mentally, I felt better about myself. I love that WC has given me confidence and will power to keep pushing towards a better self.

The best part of the Weymouth Club is the 2 hours of childcare per day included with the family membership & that the kids LOVE the energy center staff. This allows my husband and I to workout without worrying about finding a sitter. The variety of classes available is also a huge bonus. We use the gym, mind body classes (Barre, Barrdio) and included classes (321 shred, cardio kickboxing, body pump). My husband uses the gym, & lap pool and the kids love the energy center as well as Friday Night Out, & camp days. We all enjoy the pool and splash pad together as well as the Cafe.

Weymouth Club has provided a way for my husband and I promote a healthy lifestyle to our children and teach them the importance of keeping our minds and bodies healthy. The pool & splash pad have given us a place where we can come together as a family to spend the day. Weymouth Club has become a part of our lives. The friendly faces of the staff and members, many who are now friends, is a wonderful way to start my day. It is more than just a gym, it  is also a social gathering. Being encouraged by others and encouraging others to do their best is such a benefit that WC provides.