Member Testimonials

"We absolutely love the Weymouth Club, when we first moved to Weymouth last August my Daughter was quite upset because we took her from all her friends she had grown up with, and from her cheerleading squad. My Husband signed us up for the Weymouth Club and my Daughter joined the Dance with Energy and just had her first recital, which was fantastic. Well needless to say that because of your club my Daughter was actually happy that we moved to Weymouth after all. We feel that she found something that she completely enjoys and your club deserves the credit for that.. Thank You" -Lisa J.

"I just finished the latest session of 'Lose Big'. The combination of fitness and nutrition was just what I needed to jump start my new healthy life style. The team comradery really modivated me to stay on track. The group training session also familiarized me with with all the equipment. Now I feel like the Weymouth Club is truly my club." -Lisa F.

"When we were house hunting last year, critera was the following: large yard, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, and less then 5 minute drive to the WC : )" -Elsa S.