New Member Appointments and Rewards

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Rewarded!

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  • Club Consultation earn $25 Club Bucks
  • Fitness Assessment earn $25 Club Bucks
  • 12 visits in your first 45 days earn $25 Club Bucks
  • Total Potential Earnings: $75 Club Bucks

Your success in health & wellness is what we strive for every day. This rewards program will introduce you to the variety of services, classes, and programs in our club to help you achieve your personal goals.

* New member appointments must be completed within the first 45 days of membership.
* Weymouth Club Bucks cannot be used for dues or café food purchases.
*Couples & Families Can Earn $150 Club Bucks!


Club Consultation $25 Club Bucks
Not sure exactly where to start and want to learn what all the club has to offer? Meet with one of our Consultants to discuss your interests and learn what services, classes and programs will allow you to maximize your membership experience. Whether it’s a social group, customized group exercise plan or supportive fitness program, we have something for everyone. Let us help point you in the right direction!

Fitness Assessment $25 Club Bucks
Meet with one of our personal trainers to get a snapshot of your health. In this 60 minute appointment you will discuss exercise history, set achievable short and long term goals and assess your current wellness level through the following measurements:
 Resting Heart Rate

 BOD POD Test
 Movement Screening
 Blood Pressure
 Waist/Hip Ratio

Visitation & Usage $25 Club Bucks

Visit the Weymouth Club 12 times within the first 45 days of your membership and reap the rewards! We understand how hard it is to create a new habit and to get yourself motivated! This reward gives you an incentive to come into the club and get off to a smart start.
*** Must attend either the club consultation or fitness assessment in order to qualify. ***

2 Additional New Member Benefits:
Nutrition Appointment
Meet with one of our Registered Dieticians who will assess your current eating habits, discuss goals, concerns and dietary needs. Your RD will help you develop strategies to apply proper nutrition daily, to meet your health goals.

Personal Training Session
Ever been interested in personal training but not sure if it’s right for you? This 60 minute session will give you a chance to try it out. During this 60 minute session your trainer will take you through a challenging, customized workout that addresses your individual needs and goals.