Junior Progressive Tennis

For more information or to register for our Junior Tennis programs, contact Anne Neely at aneely@weymouthclub.com or call 781-682-5812

TOT TENNIS (3 -4 Year Olds)

Court Size: 36’ Racquet Size: 17-21”

Toddlers will learn basic tennis skills that carry forward to any tennis program. The emphasis is on FUN and MOVEMENT while learning tennis basics. 

RED 1 (5-6 Year Olds)

Court Size: 36’ Racquet Size: 19-21”

At this stage players will learn the basics - How to score, rally, and serve, as well as understanding how to win and lose points. 

RED 2 (7-8 Year Olds)

Court Size: 36’ Racquet Size: 21-23”

Players start to learn technical awareness and court tactics. Players at this level are able to begin matches. Two half hour private lessons monthly and summer camp recommended.

ORANGE 1 (9-10 Year Olds)

Court Size 60’ Racquet Size: 25-26”

At this stage, players develop more consistency in their strokes and learn to cope with the larger playing area. This will challenge them to cover the court and direct the ball away from the opponent. Will the added physical control and coordination players have developed, players will work on more specific technique. One weekly half hour private lesson and summer camp recommended. 

ORANGE 2 (9-10 Year Olds)

Court Size 60’ Racquet Size: 25”

Players are at a stage where point construction, and court knowledge is at a higher level. Players understand tactics, ball movement and various spins at this level. Serving and return of serve are at a more advanced level. At the Orange Ball 2 level, participants should be striving to participate in USTA tournaments. Camp Recommended.

GREEN (10-12 Year Olds)

Court Size 78’ Racquet Size 26-27”

At this stage, players need to spend time getting used to the physical demands of covering a full size court. Increased tactical development is emphasized including use of angles, spin, depth control, moving the opponent, attacking and defending, and developing an understanding of the opponents strengths and weaknesses. One hour private lesson twice a month and summer camp recommended.