My Zone Heart Rate Training

Effort Rewarded.

Weymouth Club’s offers MyZone Heart Rate Training to help monitor your physical activity. Our MZ3 belt monitors your heart rate, calories, time, and MYZONE effort points (MEPS) with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. 

Meet Myzone’s MZ-3

The MZ-3 physical activity belt and an all new Myzone smartphone app. The MZ-3 allows you to track your workout effort in a more accurate way than your basic fitness tracker does. With the app or on our TV screens, you’ll be able to see your effort in real time. MyZone will boost your motivation and exercise enjoyment by providing instant and ongoing feedback helping people of any shape, size, age, or interest to get more active anywhere.

What is Myzone?

MYZONE® is device monitoring system that displays heart rate, calories, time and effort to a TV or monitor or to the MYZONE® App, while simultaneously creating an online logbook of all physical activity that can be viewed anywhere in the world.

MYZONE users can:

Exercise inside and outside of a facility while their effort activity is recorded.
• Login online anywhere and track their activity and progress.
• Earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) for every minute of physical activity.
• Participate in challenges based on physical activity and measure results.
• Achieve goals via utilizing heart rate intensity feedback.


Read everything you need to know: MyZone New User FAQ’s

  • Purchase your very own MZ3 belt at our front desk for $75
  • Participate in club wide challenges
  • Join the MyZone community and connect with friends, staff, and other members through the app and social media
  • Encourage your connections by commenting on their workouts
  • Earn status badges for monthly activity
  • Track and review activity history through the app
  • Join our rapidly growing community and have fun getting fit!


What are MEPS?

MEPS stand for MyZone Effort Points

MEPS are awarded for every minute spent exercising in your personal intensity zones. The more effort, the more MEPS.