Schedule, Tuition and Studio Policies

All Dance with Energy classes are open to Weymouth Club members and non-members.

Fall registration open April 1st until December 1st.


2019-2020 Dance Registration is open! View our registration packet.

2019 Registration Packet

Summer Dance

Our summer dance session runs for 6 weeks. Instruction is taught in ballet (ages 7–10), creative movement (ages 3–5), discovery dance (ages 2.5–3), hip hop (ages 7–10), jazz/tap (ages 7–10), Kinder Combo (ages 5–7), Musical Theater (ages 6-12), Lil Hip Hop and Acro Skills (ages 4–6).

2018–2019 Vacation Closings (no classes held)

The dance studio will be closed on the following days:

Halloween– Wednesday, October 31st

Thanksgiving Vacation- Wednesday, November 21st – Sunday, November 25th

December Vacation– Sunday, December 23rd—Tuesday, January 1st (Classes resume Wednesday, January 2nd)

February Vacation- Monday, February 18th – Sunday, February 24th (Classes resume Feb. 25th)

April Vacation- Monday, April 15th – Sunday, April 21st (Classes resume April 22nd)

Memorial Day– Monday, May 27th



Class tuition is based on the number of hours a dancer is in class per week, as shown below. Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Fees are for the entire season (10 months) and do not vary for longer or shorter months or for absences or cancellations.

Discounts: Siblings receive a 10% discount, which is applied to the second child. There is a discount built in for dancers who take multiple classes, but no additional discount will be granted.

Registration fee: There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $30 per dancer.

Hours of Instruction Per Week Members Monthly Tuition Non-Members Monthly Tuition
0.75 hours $40/per month $49/per month
1 hour $51/per month $62/per month
1.25 hours $62/per month $75/per month
1.5 hours $73/per month $88/per month
1.75 hours $84/per month $101/per month
2 hours $97/per month $114/per month
2.25 hours $106/per month $127/per month
2.5 hours $117/per month $140/per month
2.75 hours $128/per month $153/per month
3 hours $139/per month $166/per month
3.25 hours $150/per month $179/per month
3.5 hours $161/per month $192/per month
3.75 hours $172/per month $205/per month
4 hours $183/per month $218/per month
4.25 hours $194/per month $231/per month
4.5 hours $205/per month $244/per month
4.75 hours $216/per month $257/per month
5 hours $227/per month $270/per month
5.25 hours $238/per month $283/per month
5.5 hours $249/per month $296/per month
5.75 hours $260/per month $309/per month
6 hours $271/per month $322/per month
6.25 hours $282/per month $335/per month
6.5 hours $293/per month $348/per month
Unlimited $300/per month $360/per month

Private Lesson Fees

Private lessons are available for $60/hour for members of Weymouth Club and non-members.

Studio Policies

Please read each of the policies below to understand what is expected of dancers and parents and to ensure a smooth season at Dance with Energy. We look forward to working with you and your dancer!

Class Attendance, Arrivals and Dismissals

Good attendance is imperative because absences can hold back the entire class. If your dancer must miss a class, please call or email the dance director prior to class. There are no refunds for missed classes. Any student who misses more than four classes from January through June might not be allowed to participate in the annual recital.

Dance class begins promptly, and dancers may not join class unless they are properly attired. Dancers should arrive early if they need to change and use the rest room. Please see the Dress Code below for required attire. Any late arrivals will be asked to quietly enter the studio.

No students are allowed in the dance studio without a teacher. Parents and dancers should wait in the hallway before class begins.

Dancers must be picked up promptly after class is dismissed.

Dress Code

Dance with Energy follows a strict dress code for all classes and ages. Students without the appropriate attire or hair will be asked to change or pull back their hair before participating in class. View the dress code.

Student Placement

Students are placed into classes according to age, experience and skill level. Throughout the first month of the season (September), students may be moved up or down a level at the discretion of the teacher and/or dance director.


Monthly payment of class tuition must be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through a single credit card or checking account put on file. (Only the dance director can grant an exception to this policy.) Tuition will be automatically deducted from the designated account on the first of every month.  For Weymouth Club members, dance payment must be made using the account already on file for membership dues.

A $10.00 late fee will be charged for any tuition payments received after the 10th of the month.


If you no longer wish for your dancer to participate in Dance with Energy, we require 30-day written notice.

Energy Center

As of July 1, 2018, the Dance with Energy & the Energy Center will no longer be able to provide transfers to and from the Energy Center before/ after Dance classes. All dancers must be dropped off and picked up from Dance classes by an approved parent/ guardian.

Classroom Etiquette and Behavior

Please, no cell phones, food, drink or gum are allowed in the dance studios.

At the beginning of the dance season, we will explain proper dance etiquette and behavior to all students and parents. Students are expected to be courteous and non-disruptive and to follow studio and teacher rules at all times. Any disruptive student may be asked to sit out for an exercise or class or even to leave class. Teachers will give fair, age-appropriate warnings and will notify parents of any problems immediately.

Parent Observation

Parents may observe class on the TV located in the café. Please do not watch through the studio door window, as this can distract the dancers and crowd the hallway. A Parent Watch Day is held the last class before December vacation.

Social Media and Photographs

To protect the privacy of our dancers, please do not post any photos of dancers or the Dance with Energy studio on your social media accounts. Any use of the Dance with Energy logo, the Weymouth Club logo or unauthorized photos is strictly prohibited. (Only the dance director can grant exceptions.) It is expected that all social media pages that use the name Dance with Energy and Weymouth Club should uphold the reputation in a reputable manner.

Vacation Closings and Snow Cancellations

Dance with Energy generally follows Weymouth Public Schools’ vacation and holiday schedule, although we do not always close for minor holidays. We publish studio closings in our monthly newsletter and here.  

Please call the Energy Center Weather Hotline for cancellations due to weather. We do not always cancel classes according to Weymouth Public Schools. If classes are cancelled, dancers may attend another same-level class that week or the following week as a make-up.

Monthly Newsletter

One of the important ways we communicate with families is through our Dance with Energy monthly newsletter. This newsletter includes save-the-dates, upcoming events and information from the dance director and instructors.

At the first class of every month, we hand out the newsletter and make important announcements, so please plan to be there for the last 5 minutes of class. (We also email the newsletter and post it on our website.) Please take the time to read the newsletter with your dancer each month.

We also post updates on the bulletin board outside Dance Studio 1.

Recital Policies

Once they are posted, please reserve the dress rehearsal and recital dates on your family calendar.

Dress rehearsal is mandatory and takes place on the Thursday or Friday before the recital.


  • Recital fee: $25 per child. Fee due yearly in the month of January
  • Costume fee: $75 per recreational class costume; $85 per company class costume (competition dances only). The fees do not include tights or shoes, which can purchased here. Fee due yearly in the month of January
  • Recital and costume fees must be paid in full for your dancer to participate in the recital.
  • Parents are responsible for any alterations necessary on costumes.

NO videotaping or flash photography of any kind (including iphones, tablets, etc.) is allowed at the recital.

In early May, a mandatory picture day for group and individual pictures will be held during regular class time. 

Some classes may be chosen to participate in more than one recital.

Tickets are only sold online or in person at dress rehearsals and the recital.

If a student misses more than four classes from January through June, that student will participate in the recital at the discretion of the class teacher and the dance director.