Sports Academy

Weymouth Club’s Sports Academy is a sport-led, safe, fun and skill-focused development program for youth ages 2 to 7. It features a variety of sports and countless ways for your child to grow.

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$40 per session for members / $65 per session for non-members

*Tiny Tumbling Pricing
$53 per session for members / $74 per session for non-members

10% discount for siblings


There’s no better place to shoot hoops and learn basic basketball skills than at the Energy Center. Through staff-led drills and games, kids learn to dribble, pass, shoot and play defense.


Children build confidence while learning dribbling, shooting, passing and other skills, along with how to work together as a team. Players should wear sneakers, not cleats.

Sports Skills

This session incorporates the sports basics of throwing, jumping, kicking, catching and running. Staff use a variety of drills and games to keep young athletes moving and learning in a fun environment.

Floor Hockey

We teach the basic skills of ice hockey – without the ice! Wearing sneakers, players learn to move a floor-hockey ball with sticks, pass and shoot the winning shot!

Martial Arts

The practice of Martial Arts helps children build confidence, self-control, strength and endurance. Our program is led by Tony Arvelo. Classes are 45 minutes and held once per week during the school year. Read more.

Ages 3–5: Thursdays, 4:15–5:00 p.m.

Ages 6–8: Thursdays, 5:15–6:00 p.m.

Ages 9+ Thursdays, 6:15-7:00 p.m.

One time only registration fee $20

$70/month for members, $90/month for non-members

10% discount for siblings

Tiny Tumbling

Parents have the option to accompany their children in this social, creative-play class.

Your “tiny tumblers” will conquer simple milestones (such as rolling, balancing and jumping), explore their environment, develop gross-motor skills and build confidence! Staff also lead participants through the organized fun of parachute activities, songs and dancing.

For information and enrollment, contact Lianne Mankus (781) 682-5833 or