The Smart Start Program

Begin your Weymouth Club membership on the right foot through our Smart Start program, offered to new members within 45 days of beginning a membership. Here’s how it works…

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Smart Start Appointments

Free Club Consultation

Not sure where to start at Weymouth Club? Meet with a consultant to discuss your interests and fitness goals. Whether it’s a social group, customized group exercise plan or supportive fitness program, we have something for everyone.

Free Starting Point Session

Get a snapshot of your health with a 1-on-1, 60-minute assessment with a Weymouth Club personal trainer. He or she will ask about your exercise history, help you set goals and assess your current wellness level by taking these measurements:

• Resting heart rate

• InBody Composition test: The InBody Test details the muscle, fat, and water values of the user. The InBody provides you with lean mass and fat values in each segment of the body to give you proper assessment of body composition. The data is also used to calculate your needed daily caloric intake, which can be discussed in the nutritional consultation – $49 value!

• Functional movement screening – $49 value!

Also, new members have the opportunity to receive a complimentary MyZone Belt with acceptance of the Smart Start MyZone Challenge – $75 value!

 Free Nutrition Counseling Session – $120 value!

Meet with a Weymouth Club registered dietitian to assess your current eating habits and discuss your goals, concerns and dietary needs. You’ll also learn strategies to practice proper nutrition every day.

Take our Smart Start Challenge 

During your Starting Point Session, you’ll be given the opportunity to take our “Smart Start MyZone challenge.” Complete the challenge by earning 1300 MyZone Effort Points in 1 month and keep the MyZone fitness tracker for free, a $99 value! Discover more about MyZone here.

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Earn Smart Start Rewards

Because we know how important Smart Start appointments can be to your fitness success, we’ve added a few incentives to get you going.

Attend the Nutrition Consultation Appointment – Earn $25 in Club Bucks

☐ Attend the Starting Point Session – Earn $25 in Club Bucks

Visit the club 12 times within your first 45 days of membership – Earn $25 in Club Bucks

       ☐ Don’t forget about the chance to earn a MyZone belt for free – take the Smart Start MyZone Challenge! 

Individuals can earn up to $75 in Club Bucks!

Couples and families can earn up to $150 in Club Bucks!

* Club Bucks may not be used for membership dues or food purchases. Some other conditions may apply.

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What Will You Enjoy With Your Club Bucks?

Apply them toward the cost of Weymouth Club classes, services or programs, including:*

* Club Bucks may not be used for membership dues, med spa services, or Simply Dunn food purchases. Some other conditions may apply.

Remember, you must attend your appointments and collect your rewards within the first 45 days of membership.