Sports Nutrition & Meal Planning

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or casual exerciser, learn the principles and practice of good nutrition to boost your performance.

Weymouth Club’s Registered Dietitians can help you accomplish your sport and fitness goals.

Our nutritionists understand athletes’ unique concerns and mentality and have special training in developing sport-specific meal plans.

  • Learn how diet impacts your exercise performance.
  • Gain or lose weight safely and effectively.
  • Understand your fluid-intake needs.
  • Know which foods to choose when away from home (traveling, dining halls, etc.)
  • Plan your pre-exercise and post-exercise meals.
  • Improve your energy during your workout and throughout the day.
  • Refuel your muscles (nutrition recovery).
  • Learn about high-performance snacks and other foods.

Contact Weymouth Club Registered Dietitian Kim Trudel at