Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say about nutrition counseling at Weymouth Club.

Testimonials for Kim Trudel, MS, RD, LDN

“I highly recommend Kim. She is a natural at her job and has a strong knowledge base. 

She will tailor a nutrition program to meet your individual needs.” 

“Kim helped me understand how to eat in a healthy way. … I have successfully kept 15 pounds off since I lost it last November. And I know what to do if it starts to creep back on.

I feel very comfortable with Kim and have recommended her to many of my friends and family.”

“I have spent my whole life dieting! Since meeting [with Kim], I have lost a total of 40 pounds. She explained the differences in certain foods and how they affect me.

She didn’t tell me I couldn’t have things but instead encouraged me try new foods. Thank you Weymouth Club for bringing Kim into my life!!!”

“Kim gave me a whole new way of looking at food and food choices. I am no longer ‘on a diet’ but rather eating a better selection of food.

She is a wealth of information and could not only answer all my questions, but also pull up a study done on that topic showing me facts and statistics.”

Testimonials for Kristin Sementelli, RD

“I have had great results working with Kristin as my nutritional advisor. She reviewed my typical eating routine then devised a plan that I could easily stick with and enjoy.

Along the way she directed me towards and away from certain foods, which made my diet more complete nutritionally and satisfying in terms of feeling full.

The results after 5 months are 40 pounds and several inches lost. I feel great and under control. I love fitting into my clothes again.

I highly recommend her, and I look forward to continuing to work with her to achieve my ultimate fitness goal.”

“I am in my late 60s and have been on all sorts of diets, but I never really understood how much protein, carbs and fats I personally needed for weight loss.

Kristen really understood my goals, not only to lose weight but be educated in the process.

She found wonderful alternatives to the ‘protein bars’ I was consuming and showed me how to alter the ingredients in some suggested recipes, removing the excess sugars!

Thank you, Kristin—you are awesome!”