Massage Therapy & Treatments

*Massage services at Weymouth Club are provided by Craig Turner, LMT & Clair Lespasio, LMT and are both independent business within the Recovery Zone.

The Massage Therapists within the Recovery Zone at Weymouth Club offer an extensive menu of traditional and modern massage therapies. Every service is customized to your personal needs.

Strenuous workouts, injuries or long days behind a computer can leave your body tight, tense and even in pain. Count on the healing hands of the experienced therapists within our Recovery Zone to realign your body and mind.

Massage Therapists within the Recovery Zone

Massage Services

Swedish Massage

The classic of massage therapy. A variety of pressure, speed and stimulation encourages muscle relaxation and renews your sense of well being.

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage 

Customized therapy targets your physical ailments. Slow, firm and specific strokes help relieve chronic muscle tension and pain. Melt away stress, alleviate muscle tension and bring your body back to a relaxed state.

Mother-to-Be / Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage techniques and pregnancy support pillows help the expectant mother and her baby to relax and rejuvenate. Not offered in first trimester.

Stone Soul Therapy (Hot Stone)

Feel your tension melt away with the warmth of basalt stones. Their vital energy couples with soothing massage techniques for unsurpassed revitalization and sublime peace.



A unique energy service. Gentle, healing hands balance your body, mind and spirit by working within your body’s energy centers.


Helps to remove the blockage of energy and restore balance and wellbeing in all body systems.


A custom blend of essential and organic oils helps you achieve your chosen goals, such as relaxation, sleep aid, sinus aid or sore muscle relief.

Body Treatments

Tranquility Body Ritual

Serene sounds, scents and movements help to calm your central nervous system and deeply relax the body. Improves circulation, releases tension and oxygenates skin tissue.