Returning Member Testimonials

Hear from current Club members about their experiences returning to Weymouth Club upon Phase 3 Reopening!

Thank you for the wonderful reopening of the Weymouth Club. I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable to come back to the gym , but I have been twice this week and I can tell a lot of planning went in to the reopening. I feel 100% comfortable at the Club and look forward to visiting again. Thank you for all of the efforts. – Kate

“This is my third time coming to the pool with my daughter. I feel really comfortable with the number of people and the openness of the space. Everyone is doing there part wearing masks, taking their temperatures, and keeping their distance” – Mary

“Today is my first day back at the pool this summer. It’s a really nice change of pace and I’m so happy to see everything open and available. I would definitely recommend coming back to the club to others.” – Brittany

“I’ve been back at the gym for several weeks with my Pack group and I am so impressed with the efforts all members of the staff are making to keep members safe and comfortable. I see everyone out of their offices, wearing masks, constantly monitoring the gym, tent and pool area to see that guidelines are being followed. Gym equipment is consistently cleaned before, during and after use by trainers, housekeeping staff and instructed members. I’ve worked out multiple times a week in the tent and the breeze is wonderful! I’ve never felt too close to other members or struggled to find available equipment. The Fitness Staff is going the extra mile, asking for input and adjusting on the fly to keep members safe and comfortable. I will continue to come for both my Pack group and plan to try some group fitness classes outdoors as well! Thank you Weymouth Club Staff for all your efforts!” – Caitlin

“I can’t believe the amount of space that [Weymouth Club] has been able to work with. Every machine has been pushed 6-12 feet away from each other. There are cleaning solutions for everyone – they’re definitely staying on top of the safety and health and wellness of all the members. Weymouth Club is doing a lot with the space they have and making everything come together.” – Joe

“My first day back to training was today. GREAT job with the Club. I felt safe. Everything is so clean and organized! You guys are the gold standard for other gyms to follow! Thank you!!! So great to be welcomed back so warmly by Jeff, Wes, Colby and Andrea!” – Joanna