To book a court call our front desk 781-337-4600

For all other Pickleball programming contact Jacob at 781-682-5844 or

Pickleball registration information and process

Priority will be given to Members or Nonmembers that sign up online. Manual registrations will still be accepted through Jacob, but we highly recommend that you capitalize on the convenience of registering online.

  • A credit card is required to sign up online for any clinic (Accepted cards include Visa, Mastercard and Discover) American Express is no longer accepted. Cash and checks along with manual registration forms will still be accepted, but online registrations will continue to take priority.

Please Note:

  • If you delivered a manual clinic registration to Jacob personally or the club he will input your name into the clinic that you were looking to enroll in and send you a confirmation email once online registration is live after 9:00pm.
  • A profile with Weymouth Club is required to sign up for any clinic or drop-in. You will not be allowed to register unless a profile is on file (member or nonmember) or created. If you do not have a profile with our club the process to have it made is simple and painless. Please send me your name, phone number and email so a profile can be made so you can proceed to sign up for your intended clinic(s) for session 3.
  • A minimum of 4 people need to be registered in order for a clinic to run.

Changes have been made to Pickleball Drop-ins (Online Registration)

  1. Required form of payment changes, cancellation and no-show policies written below:
    1. Late cancellation fee: Drop-in Fee is $6.00 for Members and $10.00 for Nonmembers
    2. Need to cancel 6 hours in advance
    3. No Show Fee: $10.00
    4. Must check-in at the Front Desk before proceeding to the Pickleball courts
    5. Must have a valid credit card on file
    6. Fees are due once registered online
      1. All Drop-in players must be signed up online or same day calling the front desk. Payment must be taken as soon as registered. We highly recommend having a credit card on file although it is not required for Drop-ins.
      2. Signing up for Drop-ins online
        1. Members can sign up 48 hours in advance
        2. Nonmembers can sign up 24 hours in advance 

Please Note:

  • Booking court time as a Member or Nonmember will still be conducted through the front desk while contract time will still be booked through the Director of Pickleball.
  • If you are a player who is unsure of your level or if you are placing yourself in the correct clinic please reach out to me directly so we can set up a 10-15 minute FREE evaluation to determine what is the right course of action for you. This is not an official certified player rating, but a general understanding of where you stand.