Aquatic Personal Training

Continue and improve your journey to better health and wellness.

  • Offering 3 pools with temperatures ranging from 82-94 degrees.
  • Private, semi-private, or groups of 3-4 sessions available
  • Our Certified trainers will find the pool that’s right for you

Why Water?

Aquatic training uses the properties of water for support, assistance and resistance. These are effective ways to treat new or old injuries and assist prolonged recovery after surgery. If
any of the following conditions are limiting your daily living or impacting your quality of life, customized aquatic exercise can help.

  • Arthritis
  • Joint or Muscle Weakness
  • Orthopedic/Sports Injuries
  • Balance Problems
  • Vascular Conditions
  • Obesity
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Back Pain
  • Chronic Pain (after hip, knee,
    spine, shoulder, other surgery)

Who We Are

Kristen Palmer: Aquatic Personal Trainer
781-337-4600 x855

Words to live by:

“It’s time to stop thinking about what you CAN’T do and start falling in love with what you CAN do. Let’s begin the next chapter of your story together!”

My Experience:


Certified Personal Trainer – SCW Fitness
Certified Active Aging Coach – SCW Fitness
Arthritis Foundation Certified Program Leader – AEA/Arthrit­­is Foundation
Certified Water Fitness Master Instructor – USWFA
CPR/First Aid – Red Cross


Aquatic Personal Training ­– private, semi-private or small group
Water Fitness – group classes
Tabata & High Intensity Interval (HIIT) Training
Circuit and Strength Training
Active Aging 50+ Fitness Training
Balance, Range of Motion, Posture, Core and Flexibility Training
Arthritis/Pain Management Training
Injury and Post-Surgery Training

What I am proud of:

I was incredibly athletic as a teenager and young adult. I enjoyed cheerleading, playing softball, ice skating, skiing, swimming, and always exercised to keep physically fit. In my thirties, I ruptured a disc in my lumbar spine and suffered from debilitating pain. In 2009, after dealing with the pain of that degenerative back injury for 10 years, I underwent a lumbar spinal fusion surgery. The surgery was extremely complicated. It took the surgical team 12 hours to correct the damage to my spine. As a result, I was left with nerve damage and a permanent foot drop. After years of physical therapy and rehab, I discovered that I could do all the exercises and workouts in the water that I could no longer do on land.

This gave me a renewed purpose. I became excited and energized to continue my own strength training and rehabilitation in the pool. I then went on to study and certify as a water fitness class instructor, personal trainer, active aging coach, and arthritis foundation program leader.

I am passionate about the benefits of water fitness for all ages and abilities and will continue to share my knowledge and experience with others who may be rehabilitating from injuries, surgeries or have experienced a debilitating life-changing event stay active, healthy, and independent.

What I love:

Water Fitness, Swimming, Golf, Pickleball, Traveling, Party/Event Planning, Home Decorating

Mary Louise Larkin: Aquatic Personal Trainer
Mary Louise has been working in aquatics for 20 years. She is
certified by AEA ad AFAS in Aquatic Personal Training, Hydro-Pilates,
Aqua Zumba, Hydro Rider and group classes.

Contact Us

For Aquatic Personal Training Inquiries please contact Aquatics Director Ashley Cirillo at