Ripples Parent – Child Swim Lessons

Swim lessons for ages 6 months – 3 years

IMPORTANT:  Please test your Weymouth Club login prior to Sat, Jul 4th, to ensure you will have a smooth registration. Any issues, please email

Session Specifics

  • Ages:  6 months – 36 months* 
    • If your child is turning three years old on or before July 13, 2020, they have aged out of the Ripples Swim program.  They are eligible to swim in the Splash program, email to received more information about enrolling. 

Dates and Rates

  • Six-week session, the Week of July 13 – Week of August 17
  • There are no scheduled breaks for the summer session. 
  • Members:  $82 
  • Non-member:  $118 

Registration Information

  • SPRING registrants with credits on account at Weymouth Club will be allowed to register ONLINE. 
  • New to the Ripples program, you can email BEGINNING July 9, at 9:00a to register for open spots.   

Online Registration

  • Spring Members All Levels Mon, July 6 1:00-3:00p 
  • Spring Nmbr Ripples 2 & 3 Tue, July 7 1:00-3:00p 
  • Spring Number Ripples 1 Wed, July 8 1:00-3:00p 
  • Previous Ripples swimmers and New swimmers – email on Thu, July 9th, at 9:00a.  

Registration CLOSES Fri, Jul 10, 12pm 

Sample Schedule

Make-ups & Refunds  

  • We do not offer makes-ups for weather related cancellations, pool closures or absences.  Our fee structure reflects this policy. However, we will offer a make-up if the instructor cancels the class for a personal reason.   
  • Once you have signed up for a class no refunds or credits will be offered. 

Swim Diapers 

  • All Ripples swimmers are required to wear two layers of protection: 
  • Inner Layer:  Disposable Swim Diaper 
  • REQUIRED Outer Layer:  the HAPPY KNAPPY Reusable Swim Diaper  ***** 

Purchase a swim diaper

  • The Happy Knappy diaper will protect the integrity of the pool water by protecting against future “code browns”.  The diaper is meant to be a very tight fit around the waist and legs.  It should not be roomy – no room for escape.   

Club Usage  

  • Members of the Club are welcome to use the facility, however, it is best not to go swimming prior to the start of your class, so your child will get the most out of their class.  Currently Family Swim is by reservation only.  Reservations are available to book via the Weymouth Club App.  
  • Non-members are allowed one adult and child to be in the water for the duration of your class.  

Frequently Asked Questions

View our Ripples FAQ’s

Ripples 1 

  • Ages 6m – 36m
  • No previous experience required 

What will my child learn in Ripples 1? 

  • How to swim underwater independently, back float, blow bubbles, climb out of the pool, and how to jump into the pool.   

Ripples 2 

  • Ages 13m – 36m 
  • MUST have completed a session of Ripples 1 and be promoted by the instructor into Ripples 2 
  • Be able to swim five-six feet underwater independently coming off the dock and going back to the dock. 

What will my child learn in Ripples 2? 

  • How to back float independently, how to kick on their back, retrieve rings from a depth deeper than their own height and how to independently roll over to breathe.

When will the child be ready for the next level?

  • When they can back float independently for ten seconds, can kick on their back for ten seconds and when they can roll over from their stomach to their back to breathe independently OR when they turn three years old, whichever comes first.   

Ripples 3 

  • Ages 25m – 36m 
  • MUST have completed a session in Ripples 1, Ripples 2 & be promoted by the instructor into Ripples 3 
  • Be able to independently back float, independently kick on their back and must be able to swim on their stomach and independently roll over on their back to breathe.   

What will my child learn in Ripples 3? 

  • Develop and be able to maintain a strong prone position in the water while lengthening the arm extension of the freestyle pull.  Tread water comfortably, be able to recover from turbulent water and return to the side of pool.  Start the foundation of backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.   

What is the next level?   

  • Remember youchild ages out of Ripples at three years old…no worries, the next level is… 

SPLASH 4 in the Waves Swim School Program.  Contact the swim school admin team at