12-and-Under Tennis Programs

Tots Tennis (ages 3–4)

In our intro class for toddlers, students learn basic skills that they can carry into more advanced instruction. The emphasis is on fun and movement! Racquets are supplied. Children should wear sneakers and comfortable clothing, and we recommend a water bottle.

Court size: 36’ Racquet size: 17–21”

Tennis Tots Tennis Summer 2022 information

Red Orange Green (R.O.G.) Tennis (ages 5–12)

In the R.O.G. system, players progress through levels using equipment and court sizes that correspond to their size and capability. Red, orange and green tennis balls vary in compression, size and speed from yellow balls. The result is a more positive, less frustrating tennis experience that keeps players motivated, rallying and having fun with tennis!

Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball programs include weekly match play.

The age ranges below are approximate – any child can learn tennis at any age!

Red 1 (ages 5–6)

Players learn the basics: how to score, rally, serve and play points.

Court size: 36’ Racquet size: 19–21”

Red 2 (ages 7–8)

Players start to learn technical awareness and court tactics. Players at this level can begin matches.

Court size: 36’ Racquet Size: 21-23”

Orange 1 (ages 9–10)

Players develop more consistency in their strokes and learn to cope with the larger playing area by covering the court and directing the ball away from the opponent. With their added physical control and coordination, players can work on more specific technique.

Court Size 60’ Racquet Size: 25-26”

Orange 2 (ages 9–10)

At this stage, players expand their knowledge of point construction, court knowledge, tactics, ball movement and various spins. Their serving and return of serve become more advanced. Players in this class should be striving to participate in USTA tournaments.

Court Size 60’ Racquet Size: 25”

Green (ages 10–12)

Players prepare for the physical demands of covering a full-size court. The focus is on increased tactical development, including use of angles, spin, depth, moving the opponent, attacking, defending and assessing an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Court Size 78’ Racquet Size 26-27” 

To learn more about current program availability for Tots Tennis or Red, Orange and Green Ball Tennis, click here or contact Anne Neely at (781) 682-5812 or aneely@weymouthclub.com.