Waves Swim School Enrollment

The Youth Waves levels is a perpetual swim school meaning you can start at anytime. No need to wait for the next session to register or move up to the next level.

  • $74 a month for members $104 a month for non members.
  • Lower levels maximum ratio 1:5
    Upper levels maximum ratio 1:6
  • One make up lesson per month
  • Lessons are given the appropriate distance to correspond to your child’s swim level, so more advanced swimmers can build endurance and learn diving. All children are exposed to deep water as well.
  • Highly experienced and certified swim instructors

Please review the payment information and the terms and agreements of our program waiver. Fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Payment Information

Please read our Payment Information and fill out our form below. By signing this agreement, you authorize Weymouth Club to debit your chosen payment method every month for the amount listed above. Your chosen account will continue to be charged on the first of every month until you provide written notice of cancellation or change of payment method by the 20th of the previous month. Promotion to Waves JV Swim Team does not require written cancellation. If Weymouth Club is unable to collect your monthly payments for any reason, they may double your account the following month, plus add an administrative charge of $20 without any further notice. Management reserves the right to forward all delinquent accounts to a collection agency. Without payment, your child may be cancelled out of the program and have to forfeit their spot.

Weymouth Club Program Waiver

Read our terms and agreements below. 

I hereby represent to Weymouth Club, its affiliated, shareholders, partners, officers, agents, servants, employees, and representatives (collectively Weymouth Club) that my child is in good physical condition and am able to safely participate in Weymouth Club programming. I acknowledge that Weymouth Club urges every participant to have a medical check-up before participating in any Weymouth Club programs. I appreciate the danger of physical stress, strain, or injury and assume whatever risk is involved as a result of my use of the facilities, equipment, or services of the Weymouth Club.

I hereby release and hold Weymouth Club harmless from and against any and all claims, liability, loss, damage, or injury sustained or incurred in connection with my use of the facilities, equipment, or services of the Weymouth Club, and waive any and all claims against Weymouth Club from any damage or liability resulting from or in the connection with such use, excepting such damage which may be caused by Weymouth Club negligence.

I hereby grant Weymouth Club consent and permission to use my name, portrait, image, statements and comments and to copyright, use and publish the same in whole or in part, in any media for purposes relating to the business and activities of the Weymouth Club, including trade or advertising. I understand and agree that the program is not a therapy program, nor should it substitute for medical treatment. This release, waiver and consent shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

I understand that my child may received one makeup per month only if I have cancelled my attendance prior to the missed class. The makeup must be booked within four weeks of the missed class and it cannot be added on at the end after I have cancelled out.

I understand that if I cannot find a makeup that works with my schedule I will not be refunded the missed class.  Absences and makeups are processed online at www.weymouthclub.com/swimschoolforms

I understand that to withdraw from the program I must do so in writing by the 20th of the month before I wish to cancel.

I understand that my monthly tuition payment covers four lessons a month. When there is a holiday on a five week month we will not run lessons and the price will not be prorated and no makeup will be given. If a holiday falls on a four week month we will prorate the price of lessons that month.

I understand we will not be running lessons New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 3rd and 4th, August 29th – September 2nd, Halloween evening classes, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, December 23rd – December 25th, and New Years Eve. Once your form is submitted, we will call you to set up payment and confirm your request.